Rugged Tablets Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

rugged-tablets-and-the-hospitality-industry-2Rugged tablets are transforming the way customers experience service. From common retail shopping situations to fast food drive-throughs to dine-in movie theaters, ordering and payment is being streamlined. The benefits of rugged tablets span multiple industries, disrupting verticals and increasing consumer expectations, while making it easier for service providers to do their jobs and creative positive consumer experiences.

Rugged Tablets for Hospitality

Rugged tablets are changing the face of hotel management, from internal processes like room assignments and cleaning, to visitor facing advantages like rapid check-in/check-out and room service. In-room services such as mini-bar inventories, pay per view, and linen requests can be swiftly and discreetly calculated, while individual payment methods and signatures can be captured immediately for services not covered by a business account.

Rugged Tablets for Movie Theaters

In-seat dining is becoming more common at boutique movie theaters and chains, but handling ordering and payment during a film can be disruptive to other moviegoers. With rugged tablets, viewers can order quietly and without the need for a hostess or server to repeatedly visit their seat. Instead, orders are relayed directly to cook-staff, refills can be requested without flagging down an usher, and payment handled without the need for additional assistance.

Rugged Tablets for Cruise Lines

Rugged tablets are transforming the cruise industry, allowing service to be consistent across all level of interaction and back end support to stay focused and effective. Activity waivers,, rooms, schedules and more can be networked across shipboard tablets, and passengers benefit from higher quality service overall.

Rugged Tablets for Retail

With rugged tablets capable of housing comprehensive inventory information, taking payments, and managing rewards cards and incentive based transactions, retail workers have all the tools they need at their fingertips. Buyers don’t have to wait while an employee disappears into the back to see if a size or color is in stock, and payments can be made on the floor without waiting in line.

Rugged Tablets for Drive-Throughs

When rush hour hits and lines stretch around the restaurant, rugged tablets allow employees to work the line and speed up orders, payments, and fulfillment by streamlining processes and moving short orders through quickly while waiting for long order completion. When an order can be completed and payment transacted in one interaction, lengthy drive-through waits become a thing of the past.

Rugged tablets will continue to improve customer experiences while providing productivity and efficiency benefits to workers. Barcode readers, card scanners, and signature capture modules all work together to take customer service to the next level.




Introducing the DT370CR Rugged Tablet

Four-Ways-Tablets-Revolutionize-Business (2)Slim, rugged, wireless, multi-functional computing is here, with a rugged tablet that provides excellent customer experiences and ease of use for operators in need of a powerful, purpose built devices. The DT370CR rugged tablet includes multiple features for productivity and efficiency, including:


The DT370CR features an Intel Quad Core processor to provide a powerful user experience comparable to a laptop in an easy to manage device. There are two available operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, or Android 6.0.1. The 7 inch LED backlight, high-brightness touch capacitive screen is outdoor viewable.


Multiple ports keep this tablet functional and adaptable, with a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5 mm headset jack, a DC-in port and a micro SD card slot. A U-blox GNSS module is available as an option. This tablet features a power button, trigger button, return button, and 4-way tactile button, as well as 4 programmable buttons.


Dual band WiFi (upgradeable to 4G LTE broadband) and 4.0 LE Bluetooth (upgradeable to Class 1 / 1,000 foot Bluetooth) provide reliable communications.


An AC/DC adapter allows charging and operation when plugged in. A hot-swappable battery can be combined with an optional gang charger to ensure fresh batteries are available at all times.


ABS + PC plastics create a strong enclosure, and fanless design reduces points of failure. The DT370CR meets military standard 810G for vibration and shock resistance and carries an IP65 water and dust resistance rating. The tablet can be stored at temperature ranges from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius and is operable between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.


If needed, extra options such as a 5 megapixel back camera or a 2D barcode scanner that also reads 1D can be added. Other external options include automobile power adapters and desktop charging cradles.

When rugged tablets are integrated into an industry vertical, the results can be game-changing. The DT370CR is a powerful rugged tablet designed to provide support in a variety of environments, and replace up to 5 or more pieces of equipment with one easy to use, all-in-one device that can be specifically customized for the end user.



The DT Research Rugged Tablet Difference

BLOG 7 What-is-a-Purpose-Built-Rugged-TabletAll rugged tablets are not equal – and they don’t have to be! Many consumer grade rugged tablets now exist, from basic tablets sold packaged in rugged cases, to sturdier tablets marketed as rugged for harder use.

However, the term “rugged tablet” has slowly become to mean something more specific, and is commonly applied to tablets designed for ruggedness from the inside out, to withstand the harshest environments for those working in various verticals:

Government. Local, city, state and federal agencies turn to rugged tablets for personnel at desks, behind the wheel, and on the field. Tablets provide a way for entire teams to stay connected in real time and deliver office-to-car-to-worksite flexibility.

Utilities. Field workers need tablets that will withstand the roughest use in the field, whether it be weather, exterior forces or temperature and moisture challenges. Tablets that provide one handed carry and digital pen or keyboard versatility are ideal.

Construction. Mapping and site evaluations are easier with GNSS rugged tablets that deliver highly accurate measurements and can be used to analyze and overlay data from multiple sources. Blueprints can be reviewed at anytime from anywhere, and changes made instantly communicated to and reviewed by other team members.

First Responders. Law enforcement and medical personnel can quickly access needed information during critical calls and save lives in the process. Vehicle mounted tablets provide for hands free operation and multi-functional usage, and have massive implications for the future of firefighting and crash site clearing.

Healthcare. Rugged tablets that pair microbial and bacterial resistance with HER security and compliance make it easy for multiple members of a care team to assess, communicate, and plan patient care. Compliance is easier when long term facility workers and patients can coordinate and track medication and vital signs, and outcomes are improved overall.

To achieve great things in each vertical, rugged tablets that are purpose built devices designed for hard use and functionality are critical. DT Research provides advantages in three key areas:

  • More processing power to enable high level programs to run, and better accessibility of information in a mobile device.
  • Wider range of storage, allowing large and complex data to be stored on the tablet instead of requiring access to a fixed in place desktop.
  • Better battery life and hot swappable options to maintain functionality through an entire shift and prevent loss of data.

Rugged tablets from DT Research provide cutting edge technology paired with leading rugged design to deliver compact, versatile devices that go above and beyond.

Six Ways Rugged Tablets Meet Military Needs

Military-Grade-Rugged-Tablets-Answer-the-Call-of-DutyPurpose built devices intended for military use require a design that mirrors the military – strong, versatile, and reliable. Military rugged tablets are expected to stand up to the harshest environments, keep working no matter what, and deliver above and beyond the call of duty.   

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Durable

Rugged tablets designed for military personnel must be built to be strong and durable. They have to meet exacting specifications and standards, to stand up to wind, rain, dust, mud, vibrations and static electricity. They will be enduring harsh environments and will be expected to withstand impact, moisture, and more while maintaining functionality.   

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Savvy

Tablet tech is becoming smarter each year, and customizable OS/software is being designed and specifically built to work on trusted platforms. Military grade rugged tablets that are configured to run analytics can calculate risks, and users in the field will be able to provide accurately computed results in real time and combine reports and older data to update records in seconds for teams on the ground in critical missions.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Provide Security

Rugged tablets outfitted with the latest security options prevent hacking and can be wiped remotely if lost or stolen. Tiered access can be keyed to passwords, PINs, cards, and even optional retinal or fingerprint scans. Tablets can be unlockable only by specific personnel or access can be allowed on a person by person basis with secure levels of data made available only to those with correct clearances. 

Military Rugged Tablets Must Work at Sea

Maritime mobility brings with it specialized requirements, and rugged tablets meet the challenge. The Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines can depend on rugged tablets to work even in conditions which could wreck a lesser tablet – water damage, corrosion, and extreme temperatures are expected, and rugged tablets must be able to remain functional.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Adaptable

Rugged tablets are portable and built for flexibility, with versatility that ensures they are suited for broad use on deployments.  Vehicle mounts and one hand carry options provide mobility, screens can be customized for sun or shade, and keyboards attached or detached at will to be replaced with a stylus, digital pen, or even finger writing used on the field.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Customizable

Software upgrades (like GIS mapping and GPS guidance) and hardware add-ons (like barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access), can turn a single rugged tablet into a multi-function device that replaces up to five or more individual pieces of equipment.

The military demands excellence, and rugged tablets from DT Research deliver on every conceivable front.


Smart Cities, Smart Devices – How Rugged Tablets are Updating Communities

Smart CitiesAs cities and communities expand, and require constant updating to remain viable, there is an ever present need for technology and innovation to keep pace. As cities get smarter, the public sector requires tools, software, and devices that can analyze and improve the design and operation of city and county services. Rugged tablets provide an adaptive, obsolescence-resistant computing platform which can be combined with additional software and hardware to create solutions to the challenges provided by city expansion.

Purpose built tablets provide long-term investment protection for city planning initiatives, with a low CAPEX and a high ROI. Whether city offices are faced with expanding utility networks or bringing existing buildings up to meet new compliance standards, rugged tablets can provide ways to assist on and off the field.

Utilities for smart cities can be updated, their performance followed, and bottlenecks or weaknesses swiftly identified using rugged tablets and appropriate software to track where the water or electrical lines are. Tablets are helping to find the water and electrical lines even in cases when original plans were lost, and updates are desperately required.

Building updates on structures affected by new ADA compliance can be developed and planned using tablets and scanning software to help determine flow and best positioning for ramps and walkways intended for mobility assistance. New buildings can be built with an eye to complete compliance from the beginning, and plans checked for efficiency using modeling software that anticipates the flow and speed of foot traffic.

For time sensitive projects, the full functionality of equipped rugged tablets for city planners can allow work to be done in the field without interruption; the full office processing and research power can be loaded onto tablets thanks to high processing speeds and connectivity, as opposed to a lower processing speed tablet that can gather data but must be taken back to an office setting and hooked up to transfer data and the main work performed on a desktop or laptop hooked into the mainframe.

Instead, teams can access everything that exists on the main processor from the field. While a data collector could formerly only collect the data, then once back in office have to upload it and do all the work, on a fully equipped and configured mobile rugged tablet, all data can be cross referenced with additional data from the headquarters, with a real time connection to city, county and state networks.

Since the tablet contains all of the programs that are required, and all files are accessible, significant work can be accomplished in the field and delays can be cut to a minimum. In harsh environments, rugged tablets maintain full functionality in the field, including when mapping in wetlands where moisture and mud can be a challenge. A rugged tablet dropped in the mud continues to function.

In addition to rugged tablets accessing headquarter data from the field, the office PCs can also reach out with remote access to tablets doing data collection in real time, this allows for full collaboration during project planning and execution phases and delivers real results with little or no downtime. City planners can work in tandem with project managers, construction and architectural teams, and inspection officers to complete projects on time and in budget.