Rugged Tablets for Hospitality – from Car Rental to Drive Through Window

Rugged-Tablets-for-Hospitality---from-Car-Rental-Lot-to-Drive-Through-Wi...Rugged tablets are streamlining hospitality and disrupting markets in a good way from hotels to car rental agencies to fast food spots and fine restaurants. The ability of rugged tablets to manage processes whether in hand or mounted for easy self-serve access is changing the way consumers use hospitality services and providing increased customer satisfaction.

Food Ordering at Drive Throughs

When the line of cars entering a drive through exceeds half a dozen, new customers may choose to drive away rather than wait for an extended time. Order takers can easily speed the commitment process by appearing at the car window, with a rugged tablet in hand to take the order and process payment. Once the order is placed, the customer can remain in line or be directed to side parking and their order rushed to them upon completion. This is particularly helpful when an order that is large, complex, or has a long cook time is clogging the line.

Table Ordering in Restaurants

Several large chains have already adopted tablets mounted on tables or at counters for speedy ordering and reduced wait times, especially during rush times like lunch or dinner. Every step of the process can be handled by the customer, from appetizer and meal ordering to drink refills, payment, and tipping, keeping the staff free to get food delivered and check in with guests. Many tablets also offer entertainment options to make the wait for food and drinks pass quickly.

Check-In for Car Rental or Hotel Reservations

Long lines at airport car rentals can be alleviated with staff equipped with tablets who can check in customers from any location, like directly in the car lot,.Customers can pick the car they want, and get the car tag scanned, payment processed, and get on their way quickly. The same concept applies to hotel check in, especially if travelling with a large group. Check in can be accomplished quickly from any location, like in a comfortable lobby or open air bar, and check out handled with while you wait for a taxi outside or in the garage while waiting for the valet. .

Casino and Cruise Ship Applications

Rugged tablets with RFID or bar code readers can be used at every step of the process to track a cruise passenger or casino visitor. Tabs can be run for everything from room service to activities, and personal belongings or baggage tracked. Individuals or couples can be linked to their room, their itinerary, and more.

Rugged tablets for hospitality can increase accuracy, speed every step of every process, improve customer satisfaction and feedback, and prompt swift, positive reviews to boost marketing efforts.


How Rugged Tablets Are Positively Affecting Public Sector IT

How-Rugged-Tablets-Are-Positively-Affecting-Public-Sector-ITThe public IT sector is currently prioritizing mobility, business analytics, and paperless processes in an attempt to install smart workflows and minimize wasted time and resources. Large-scale innovation depends on the ability of companies to acquire software and hardware that meets their changing needs, and implementation of digital options to drive and connect the highly dispersed and mobile workforce of today.

Mobility is Key

Piecemeal business systems that depend on incompatible computer hardware/software provide real obstacles to growing and developing business practices. They stifle collaboration, real-time data analysis, fast progress and innovative thinking. In contrast, mobile computing devices are uniquely positioned to help city, county, and state government entities and other public sector verticals execute new transportation, infrastructure, and education initiatives swiftly and with forward thinking processes that will flex with change and remain usable for many years.

Government Employees and Constituents Can Work Together

With properly configured and equipped rugged tablets, government workers who are dispatched into the field can stay connected and supported as they strive to engage with community growth and recovery initiatives. Individuals can share information and strengthen networks through real time connectivity. Constituents can also be brought in, kept connected and engaged, and satisfied that their advocacy for rapid government response to critical situations is being heard and implemented, with quick action able to be taken in a concerted effort to resolve urgent issues.

Public IT Requires Constant Innovation

The best rugged tablet platforms are constantly being refined to deliver higher levels of processing power, storage capacity, connectivity, memory, software compatibility, and data capture capabilities. There is virtually no government agency that will fail to benefit from improved workflows through digitized processes. IT departments in particular can bring different levels of staff together and create unified workflows that provide for maximum productivity and reduced duplication of work between divisions. Multiple locations can consolidate data driven tasks, and efficiency will skyrocket.

Rugged Tablets for Government Provide Real Solutions

Rugged tablets will enable real-time data access and management potential and powerfully drive business intelligence analytics. Records management can be streamlined, and rapid, informed response be strategized across an entire workforce – regardless of their location or tasks. Mobile, purpose built tablets are an example of one of the most cost-effective and easy to implement “smart” technology innovations available. They can be quickly integrated into almost any agency and return real results when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

Applying Mobile Solutions to Construction Mapping and Surveying

Applying-Mobile-Solutions-to-Construction-Mapping-and-SurveyingGPS enabled rugged tablets have now managed to completely revolutionize contemporary construction mapping and surveying processes. Professional, survey-grade levels of accuracy allow construction managers to obtain necessary measurements with a handheld device that can record accurate map and survey data in the field.

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation Global Positioning Systems (GPS) establish tight parameters for accuracy. When combined with rugged tech the centimeter level accuracies of measurement can be deployed for either primary mapping or ground control when deploying drones. Drone mapping incorporates aerial photogrammetry, enabling tablet users to rapidly take multiple photos which can be analyzed and incorporated into the bigger picture.

Once imaging of a site is complete, software that reconstructs three-dimensional images of the terrain can be employed. Subsequently, the RTK GPS refines the accuracy of aerial data (accurate to 3 meters) down to an accuracy of mere centimeters by matching, positioning, and verifying the real world coordinates of the data points.

Survey-grade accuracy is essential to contractors working on building sites, but the time involved in standard surveying (and its dependence on worker availability, equipment transport, and more factors) can make this task difficult to accomplish on a tight deadline.


Deploying rugged tablets and drones can significantly reduce the time needed to accomplish for surveying and mapping, particularly in rough terrain where rapidly collecting accurate data is doubly difficult. A task that would typically take hours can now be completed in 20 minutes by combining the RTK GPS capability of rugged tablets with speed and penetrability of drones.

These rugged tablets contain the storage, computing power, and software to quickly complete mapping procedures with the survey-grade accuracy essential to documenting building sites. The results are certifiable and can be used to drive construction planning forward quickly, even in areas that are hard to reach or which have rough terrain that must be worked around.

Conducting surveying or mapping with rugged tablets and drones also opens new possibilities for an entirely new avenue of remote analysis. This technology provides ways for architects, main constrictors, subcontractors, site managers, and construction crews to integrate smoothly with city, county, and state governments.

Utilities can benefit by sharing and integrating information to correctly mark pipelines and underground wiring based on previous GPS mapping, minimizing risk of interference. In addition, rugged tablets are user-friendly, providing time and cost savings by allowing operators to be trained quickly and efficiently. Implementing accurate mapping via RTK GPS enabled tablets and drones is the future of surveying.