Integrating Vehicle Mounted Tablets for Rapid First Responder Deployment

5 Benefits of 4G for Law Enforcement 1st Responders

In times of emergency, every second is crucial. In order to do the best work they can, first responders need reliable tools with built in mobility. With rugged tablets, law enforcement, emergency medical teams, and fire and rescue units can reduce response times and get on site faster. Mobile technology has gone a long way in improving public safety, and the integration of office to field tech has made it easier for people to contact help while away from home base.

Rugged Tablets for First Responders

Rugged tablets take that a step further. Along with multi-functioning as a GPS system, communication device, and computer, rugged tablets can also serve as vital tools for first responders. Both on and off the field, they can be important assets to firefighters, paramedics, and emergency vehicle drivers alike.

Mountable Tablet Tech

With tablet mounts, first responders can keep their tablets on-hand for immediate use. Whether they’re driving or on the move, they can mount and dismount their tablet quickly. While mounted, the tablet can offer directions, real-time weather and traffic updates, and information on the ongoing emergency.

Multiple Use Devices

The passenger or driver can quickly eject the tablet to carry it manually, or pass it to other people in the car. Once unmounted and back in the office, they can be used to play training videos, send information to other teams, or write reports. Medical data can be accessed as well, making it easy for first responders to prepare for a medical emergency on-scene.

Fire and Rescue

Firefighters can access floorplans with rugged tablets, preparing themselves for the job ahead. This can save their lives as well as others, preventing further disaster. By arming our first responders with the tools they need, we can protect them and help them protect others.

In Transit Flexibility

Because the device and mount are separate (allowing for fast docking and undocking), the tablet can be safely used and passed around the vehicle while the driver focuses on the road. The mount can also spin and swivel, preventing any vision problems for the driver. By streamlining data into one device, it’s easier for first responders to get the information they need.

Mobility and functionality are hard things to find in an all in one device, and tablets are filling that niche. Durable, reliable, and multi-functional, . The world we live in is dangerous and unpredictable, so it’s crucial that our rescuers are well-prepared to navigate it.