Is Your Military Unit’s Data Protected on Mobile Devices?

BLOG 8 Is-Your-Military-Unit's-Data-Protected-on-Mobile-DevicesThe primary issue most military unit commanders have with mobile devices is the issue of data security. With the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) flooding the corporate world, and the security issues that inevitably arose, the military was slow to adopt mobile as a trusted solution for on-base and in-field operations.

Trusted devices secured with a closed network provide a superior solution, when deployed throughout a unit through military provision. These purpose-built units are increasingly rugged tablets, thanks to the high level of durability, flexibility, and security that can be installed from the first developmental step to the final shipped product.

Military grade rugged tablets such as DT Research’s DT311 provide exceptional security options to safeguard military data and provide an enhanced user experience at every level. Each tablet is customized for end user satisfaction and efficiency, to increase productivity and lessen the risk of security issues.

Rugged tablets built to military standards can withstand even harsh environments and constant handling without the need for constant replacement. The DT311 Rugged Tablet meets MIL-STD-810G, and is IP65 rated, designated to evaluate vibration, impact, and water resistance, as well as being NIST compliant, and operational in extreme temperatures.

On the security side, each tablet is equipped with a full complement of security suite options and encryption capabilities, including:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software Security
  • Device Guard permissions for only TPM 2.0 supported applications
  • Lock Down features to protect against malicious attacks
  • Proprietary Hardware Security, including instant blackout; media sanitization options; Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi auto-disable function, and remote radio capability disablement

The ability to securely access data in real time is a highlight of military grade rugged tablets, and removes the worries about security risks on mobile devices. An additional feature option is CAC functionality, so cards can be read and access granted at varying levels of clearance.

This is valuable for times when different team members need to use the same device, by building in user access on an individual basis without the need for reconfiguring for specific individuals; instead, the card reader allows access based on card information about the user on a case by case basis.

Rugged tablets deployed across a military unit and used in conjunction with other secure devices on a secure, closed network can limit risk of security breaches and ensure military data can be kept protected, whether the unit is on base, in the field, or in transit.