Maximizing Military Base Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

Maximizing-Military-Base-Efficiency-with-Rugged-TabletsMilitary base efficiency has skyrocketed with the advent and implementation of the latest technology now available: rugged tablets. Handheld, durable devices have revolutionized the way military bases are run, from office to training field to missions.

The way a military base functions depends heavily on communication and connectivity between personnel. Over the past few years, federal agencies began implementing more mobile devices which operate on closed networks, providing a safe, secure communication and data transfer system to streamline base operations and maximize efficiency.

The military and the armed forces in general benefit heavily from mobile rugged tablet technology. Ways tablets can be leveraged for efficiency on military bases include:

  • Reduction of paper document transfers. With tablet to tablet communication, data can be swiftly and securely transferred without waiting for documents to be hand carried from place to place. Instant delivery of information increases productivity and streamlines office to office communications.
  • Better functionality and durability than smartphones or consumer grade devices. Rugged tablets have higher processing capability, rugged builds to withstand challenging environments, and accessories that smartphones and consumer grade tablets don’t have, being designed specifically with today’s soldier in mind.
  • High level security options. Handheld devices are often seen as a privacy and security concern, but rugged tablets built to military standards provide security above and beyond that of consumer grade devices, as well as many options such as media blackout and other safeguards that protect military security on and off base.
  • CAC functionality. Card access fits perfectly with military base use when it comes to secured devices that are mobile and connected. Card readers provide the ability to deliver varying levels of access depending on the user of the moment, making rugged tablets more flexible and providing a way for quick handoff between staff members without worries about rank or level of security clearance being an issue.
  • Smart technology and apps. A high adoption of mobile devices means the need for apps that are tailored to end user needs and convenience. Rugged tablets can be loaded with customized applications designed for military use, such as situational awareness tools, field medical apps, augmented reality training modules, and more.

Military grade rugged tablets not only optimize military base efficiency, they boost productivity and increase security. Rugged tablet expansion to more military bases in all branches of service is a certainty over the next few years, as hardware and software solutions become more customized.


Driving Improved Casino Operations with Rugged Tablet Solutions

Driving-Improved-Casino-Operations-with-Rugged-Tablet-SolutionsRugged tablets are ideal for driving improved casino operations thanks to their versatility, durability, and convenience for superior customer experiences.

Mobility is key for fast moving casino floors; when customers can be expected to range across various areas in the course of an evening, the ability to stay on top of how they use their time and funds is beneficial data which can be collected, stored, transferred, and shared across multiple areas and services for a cohesive, satisfying customer experience and a streamlined, efficient, and productive staff experience.

Rugged tablets can be provided to servers, staff, and cashiers as a quick and easy way to complete any of the following tasks:

  • Inputting food and beverage orders from the floor, assign them to the correct guest or hotel room if desired, and provide on the spot payment options for non-guests or those who prefer a pay as you go approach.
  • Checking in hotel guests whether from the desk or on the floor as an incentive, upgrade, or change in plans, without the need for a lengthy or involved process.
  • Rugged tablets with encrypted MSRs or smart card readers can be used to read credit or debit cards safely and securely, coding hotel room cards, verifying information on data enabled swipe or chip cards, and assigning payment options for future purchases.
  • Updating housekeeping, maintenance, or room service reports to ensure a seamless, hassle free and completely enjoyable guest experience.
  • Scheduling resort services for guests as another up-sell option, or booking tickets for a show or other event in the resort.

As a type of portable terminal, rugged tablets are ideal to use in the demanding environment of a full casino. They can withstand vibration, bumps, impact, and drops, are versatile enough to be customized for specific duties or functions, and deliver a secure experience that is compatible with existing security and closed networks for guest safety and privacy.

Familiar screen displays and the ability to use with or without a keyboard (touch screen and digital pen operability are available) remove the need for complete retraining of floor staff since the experience is similar to other systems used in the past. Handheld design allows for easy use on the floor and transfer between workers as needed, with several options for secure login and access on various levels to maintain the tightest possible operation.

Rugged tablets can also be docked at gaming tables, be outfitted with barcode scanners or RFID readers, loaded with software to physically run gaming systems with touchscreen interfaces, and keep casino operations at top productivity and efficiency levels.


Five Ways Barcode Reading Helps the Cruise Line Industry

Five-Ways-Barcode-Reading-Helps-the-Cruise-Line-IndustryCruise lines have a number of unique challenges when it comes to data collection, verification, tracking, and confirmation. Rugged tablets with barcode readers and other scanning functionalities can provide exceptional solutions to many problems faced by the cruise industry, including any or all of the following:

  1. While previous barcode technology was deemed too slow for mass transit, updates to the tech involved make reading barcodes faster than ever. Aides stationed at boarding areas for cruise liners can quickly process passengers with printed or phone scanned passes for swift, efficient boarding.
  2. Lost or misplaced luggage is less of a worry when a barcode reader can be employed to instantly match passengers and bags. A system that included the entire manifest with passengers, bags, and room numbers all synched can make for easy delivery of luggage when required from holding areas or if a bag is left unattended or misplaced.
  3. Room Service. Barcodes for each room that correspond with passengers can be scanned for room service to easily track orders and extras for billing purposes, whether it’s food and beverage delivery or in-room bar replenishment. Tablets carried by staff can be used to quickly enter data and assign to the correct passenger with a quick scan.
  4. VIP Events. Barcodes can also be scanned on wristbands for entry into special events on board, providing a quick way to ascertain which guests require admission, and even verifying legal age in instances when family events may include alcohol availability. Barcodes can be printed on wristbands or on badges for easy access.
  5. Off-Ship Trips. Badges or wristbands with barcode printing can again be used for day trips on shore, to ensure all passengers are accounted for when off and on-boarding. Codes can be generated that are vehicle specific if the group is large enough to require more than one mode of transport, or for specific activities if there are varied options for groups going ashore.

As a type of portable terminal, rugged tablets are ideal to use in harsh environments. They can withstand vibration, bumps, impact, and drops, are versatile enough to be customized for specific duties or functions, and deliver a secure experience that is compatible with existing security and closed networks for guest safety and privacy.

Rugged tablets with integrated barcode scanners are easily transportable, can be held in one hand, provide instant access to data and a quick way to verify identity, and can streamline many cruise line activities and procedures. This helps ensure the safety of the passengers and can keep billing simplified for those who take advantage of items or activities not included in the cruise base cost.

Local Government Security – How Do You Protect Your Data with Rugged Tablets?

Local Government Security - How do you Protect your Data with Rugged TabletsLocal government agencies often have limited budgets yet are expected to maintain fully professional digital security and operational efficiency. Rugged tablets can help fulfill these needs with the dual benefits of fully integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities, and a secure camera option for office to field integrity of data that protect against data vulnerabilities when outside of a closed network.

Rugged tablets protect all types of organizations at various levels of government, the military, public utilities, first responders and other field service organizations. Being able to guard against data loss or theft and unwanted image transmission brings a sense of security to many agencies which have watched multiple high-profile hacking incidents and data breaches plague companies large and small over the past 12 months.

Recent enhancements from DT Research’s Rugged Tablets provide users with a mobile, durable, and reliable lightweight handheld device that is equipped with the latest in security and encryption options. Data can be kept secure by engaging an encrypted SD card slot. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system and TPM chip ensure sensitive data can be quickly secured and transported in the device or out of it.

Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features permit enabled tablets to run only trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support. The Lock Down feature provides protection against malicious users. Hardware security options can be tailored to fit the need of the office using the devices, and include instant blackout and auto-disable functionality for Bluetooth, RFID, and Wi-Fi on demand.

Camera security involves a mechanical privacy shutter on the rear camera. Software privacy control applies to both the front and rear cameras. The central IT department can instantly shut off a camera on any connected device in a sensitive area, reducing the risk of security or privacy loss. An additional privacy shutter can be installed which requires physical removal of a screw, enabling an even higher level of security during routine use.

Rugged tablets for government use also include practical features for a custom designed user experience. An Intel 6th generation Skylake CPU provides high performance and reliability, a fanless design increases system durability, and screen brightness controls with a max brightness of 800 nits allows superior viewing in sunlight.

In contrast to consumer grade tablets or BYOD smartphones, rugged tablets provide the security required for government agencies to feel confident in their ability to keep information secure.

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet Solutions

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet SolutionsVia a contract with Patriot Technologies, the U.S Navy has selected the DT Research DT311 Rugged Tablet to be deployed across various shipyards for use by U.S. Navy personnel.

The decision came after a series of rigorous tests designed to determine whether or not the tablets would provide the technical and physical superiority demanded by military users. Security was a top priority, followed closely by performance, durability, reliability, and usability.

Each purpose-built tablet will be put into use in one of the following verticals:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing and training
  • Other field-office data operations

The DT311 Rugged Tablet is the result of DT Research’s 20-year engineering and design commitment to purpose-built, handheld and mountable devices that incorporate sleek features with functional integration of programs the military relies on for security and safety.

The U.S. Navy depends on this level of technical excellence to improve productivity and increase efficiencies across a range of field-to-office duties. Users will be able to access data and images swiftly and securely in a wide variety of harsh and demanding environments, on a device that is simultaneously rugged and lightweight.

Practical Features of the DT311 Rugged Tablet

The military grade rugged tablets include a variety of features designed for security and practicality, including:

  • Smart Card/CAC Reader for multiple security level control
  • Full HD anti-reflective outdoor viewable screens for superior viewing in sunlight
  • Intel 5th Generation Core i5 CPU for high performance
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS security
  • Lock Down features to protect against malicious users
  • Media sanitization supportive of both NSA and USA-AF/Navy/Army standards

Additional options for added security include instant blackout and automatic Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi disable functions to turn off all radio capabilities under pre-configured conditions.

The DT311 Rugged Tablets are IP65-rated to meet durability and security standards required by the Navy and other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. These include being MIL-STD-810G & 461F and NIST compliant, HERO certified, and operational in extreme temperatures. Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features are installed to limit the tablet to trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support.

This contract has been highly anticipated and is one in a series of military contracts, following a recent National Guard decision to deploy DT Research Rugged Tablets.