Six Things We Love about Military Grade Tech

1Tech designed for military use is a lot like the military itself – smart, strong, tough, and indispensable. Every military grade rugged tablet put in the hands of service members needs to enable them to do their job more efficiently, enhance the abilities they already possess, and endure the harsh and changing environments they find themselves in on a daily basis.

Military Strong

Rugged tablets created for use by military personnel are built to be strong and durable, meeting or exceeding exacting specs and resistance to shock impact, vibration damage, wind, rain, dirt, dust, and grime. They put up with demanding use and abuse in the field and transition seamlessly back to HQ for easy integration with desktop tech when required.

Military Smart

Tablet tech is smarter than ever, with customizable OS/software built to work on trusted platforms. Military grade rugged tablets can be configured to run analytics and calculate risks, provide computations in real time, and effortlessly combine reports and older data for updated records in seconds when timing is critical.

Military Secure

With connectivity comes security fears, but rugged tablets are outfitted with the latest security options, including access keyed to passwords, PINs, cards, and even optional fingerprint or retinal scanning. Tablets can be assigned to specific personnel, specific locations, or specific departments, allowing access at any level when authorized and secure hand-off between team members as required.

Military Seaworthy

With special requirements for maritime mobility, rugged tablets stand up to the challenge. From the Navy to the Coast Guard to the Marines, service members can depend on rugged tablets to resist water damage, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. The military keeps working come high seas and storms, and so does rugged tech.

Military Sensible

Built for portability, a rugged tablet can be customized for changing environments. They are easily transferred from office to the field and back again, with options for vehicle mounts and one hand carry. Screens are adaptable for changing light and indoor / outdoor use, and keyboards can be added or detached. Operation via a digital pen or with simple finger “writing” is also available.

Military Suitable

With hundreds of potential software upgrades (like GIS mapping and GPS guidance) and dozens of hardware add-ons (including barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access), rugged tablets can provide a single, easily transportable device that replaces 4 or 5 individual pieces of equipment. That makes the tablet a must-have for military techs who need multi-functional tools for speed, accuracy, and mobility.

Our military loves rugged tech, and we love our military. That’s why we constantly innovate and improve our offerings to stand up to the test.

3 Advantages of the New DT Research Medical Tablet Cart System

20170130_165235 (2)Innovation is the core of our business and success for our clients. When we think of the next product to manufacture, we analyze the market’s needs and develop a plan to service those needs by delivering a product that is functional, sleek and includes all-in-one capabilities, to improve efficiency, workflow and productivity. We’re excited to announce our latest design, the Medical Tablet Cart System.

This mobile cart is an all-in-one system that combines the with a  sleek, lightweight rolling cart that allows healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor, record and retrieve patient information in a non-intrusive manner.

3 Reasons to Choose the NEW Medical Tablet Cart System:

  1. Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: This means extra power supply, with up to 14 hours in total operating time, the hot-swappable battery function maximizes performance and power longevity compared to other medical carts. The “swappable” function means data is not lost during the “battery transfer” process because the machine will stay on for up to 90 seconds while the transfer is being completed. No powering down needed.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Optional Mobile Broadband Connection: This built in capability makes data access more efficient and optimizes staff workflow, with less downtime.
  3. Secure Operation: The medical tablet cart can be used without the cart with the touch of a button and easily carried with a built-in hand strap, designed for comfort and minimal arm strain. Also complete with a locking tablet mount to keep the device stable  while in operation.

We’re improving the way medical carts do their business. With the launch of the medical tablet cart system, it is sure to turn heads with its sleek, professional design. Optional 3G//4G camera, RFID reader, 2D barcode scanner and Intel® RealSense™ front camera that supports gesture, facial recognition, and speech recognition are also available functions of the medical cart.

20170130_165306 (2)

Reconciling Big Data, Security, and Mobility with Rugged Devices


Although Big Data mining was originally utilized primarily for marketing purposes, it has now spread to industries like manufacturing and logistics. Highly automated factories can use data to support customization and optimization of assemblies, analyzing, adjusting, and maintaining everything from jet engines to telecommunications systems.

Big Data is now being referred to as a critical part of “Industry 4.0”, enabling advancements in manufacturing and utility fields. This trend is spurred by the increasing mobility of workforce’s across verticals, making rugged devices the go-to for easy access in the field and in the office.

Individual pieces of machinery can be optimized and controlled using remote devices such as tablets from any location, or mounted directly in the warehouse or manufacturing floor for easy access by various personnel. Monitoring builds, refining adjustments, and routing parts becomes easier when digitized information is continually updated in the system.

Field workers are now becoming IT workers as machines are digitized, and they need tools that will stand up to harsh environments. Factory floors, loading docks, warehouse picking and packaging / shipping logistics can be streamlined and easily tracked and improved when devices can be carried anywhere and handed off.

High tech mobile devices are needed that can be used in secure networks, providing the ability to transmit, access, share, and update information in real time. Encryption and various levels of identity confirmation can be implemented, as well as access levels that permit various personnel up and down the chain of command to readily view and edit sensitive data when needed without leaving it open to anyone with tablet access.

The rugged tablet is an important part of the Big Data world, and ideal for streamlining operations. It is fully mobile, and can be easily connected to reliable communications networks via RFID, barcode, serial ports, and remote signal.

Each device is also built to survive the workday, with extended battery run-time, ruggedness, and additional hardware and software options. Rugged tablets can be operated with a keyboard, stylus, or finger, and screens can be adjusted for outdoor or indoor use.

While Big Data may still feel new to many in manufacturing, telecom, and utility spaces, companies should move now to create a system that will keep up with changes, providing flexibility over time and resisting obsolescence. They are the best tools for the rapidly expanding “Big Data” workforce, and can adapt to changing demands to provide long term support.

Public Safety Personnel and Rugged Tech

Public Safety Personnel and Rugged Tech-1Personnel in the field who are responsible for public safety must be flexible, effective, and able to handle rapidly changing situations. Capturing data/images, transferring and updating information, and ensuring access for key people on the ground is vital.

Communicating effectively can be difficult without a device that stands up to the test. Rugged tablets have the capability to do multiple tasks with one device, and the durability to stand up to stressors in the field and in transit. Minimum standards for devices are important, especially when they’re being handed off to different people and used across environments. A few things to look for before deploying new tech include:

  • Collecting data quickly and precisely. With options for data-capture, such as barcode scanner, camera, MSR, GNSS, CAC and NFC/RFID reader, information can be collected by just “one click” without any interference.
  • Sharing of information in real time. Communication is key in any cohesive unit. With the right people working in tandem with one another, almost anything is possible, especially when they’re able to instantly share data.
  • Collaboration potential. Files can be shared and edited by many. Information comes together during collaboration, and with a streamlined method of sharing text, images, and data, communication can become seamless.
  • 24/7 access to data from multiple devices. With mobile devices, a wealth of ever-updating information and communication is available. Being able to access documents anywhere from any device with the correct configuration can be invaluable to someone who is always on the move.
  • Compliance and security. Digital security is a must when dealing with sensitive intel. With software that scans for threats, encrypts messages, verifies identities, and even wards off cyber-attacks, each device comes with its own virtual army to protect critical information.
  • E-learning options for personnel. When travel funds are limited and time is under constraint, e-learning programs and access to online manuals and training guides make learning skills easier. Training personnel with digital content is faster, safer, and more efficient than having them learn on the fly.
  • Increase interoffice cooperation. When multiple agencies are involved in a public safety issue, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is being done, said, or discussed. Rugged tech and mobile devices make it easy to communicate between offices; when important information becomes available, any team member can access it.

Technology has taken speed, accessibility, and communication to the next level. With rugged tech, public safety personnel have every tool imaginable at their fingertips. From data collection to collaboration, rugged tablets streamline response and solutions.

Empowering Law Enforcement with Digital Options

Empowering Law Enforcement with Digital Options (2)First responders must be able to rely on their devices to stand up to the test, no matter what the situation. With the help of technology, law enforcement can create comprehensive case files more quickly, increase efficiency, shift from task to task with ease.

Rugged tablets are quickly becoming the go-to for mobile technology, as they can fulfill many purposes while remaining functional in demanding situations. Combining easy-to-use functionalities with mobility, tablets include larger screens, better touch control, and add-ons such as data-capture scanners and readers, detachable keyboards, and remote connectivity. Tablets are less cumbersome than laptops, while still housing the high processing power mobile phones cannot.

In the field, information is a key part to every job. From the moment a first responder arrives on scene, they are assessing situations and gathering intel. Portable, rugged devices can help record every detail of a case. From gathering photos to dictating comments and recording witness statements, a tablet can assist an officer through every step of their process without weighing them down.

With a secure connection, law enforcement agents can communicate seamlessly with every part of their unit, from individuals to an entire group. They have the ability to contact headquarters, ask for more information, and report back without travel time or delays while hard copies are referenced – data can be transferred seamlessly. A built-in camera and recorder allows video to be shot on the spot, clarifying scenes and providing hard data if needed later.

Tablet technology helps in emergency situations and in routine situations such as traffic stops. Records can be accessed, details captured, and tickets printed on scene. In risky situations or when dealing with dangerous or unstable individuals or groups, civilian and police safety is the number one priority. When officers are well-informed and prepared for any situation, they can react faster and make sure the situation is resolved with the best possible results.

Data security has never been more important. More of our information is being stored online, and even individual files and devices need to be protected. Every rugged tablet comes with programs to verify identity, scan for threats, and even encrypt messages or files critical to security. Transferring data between devices, law enforcement branches, and even countries has become faster, more secure, and safer for all parties involved.

The age of technology has brought in a golden era for data access, sharing, and information storage. Integrating existing systems with newer, rugged technology can boost efficiency, eliminate paper clutter, and create a safer environment for civilians and officers alike.