DT Research Rugged Tablets Uniquely Combat Data Security and Camera Vulnerabilities During Field Operations

First Rugged Tablet with Removable Encrypted SD Card Option Secures Sensitive Data and

Innovative Secure Camera Controls Image Transmission

SAN DIEGO, Calif., DistribuTECH 2017 – January 31, 2017 – DT Research, the leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions for vertical markets, today announced that enhancements to its DT311 Rugged Tablets will deliver unparalleled integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities with a secure camera option to address data security and image transmission vulnerabilities during field operations. The DT311 marks the first highly durable mobile tablet to protect utility and energy companies, government/military agencies, first responders and other field service organizations with removable encrypted data and camera security to guard against data loss or theft and control unwanted image transmission.

Visit the DT Research booth 2149 at the DistribuTECH 2017 Conference from January 31 – February 2 in San Diego to test drive the DT311 Rugged Tablet.

“Recent high-profile hacking incidents and data breaches underscore the widespread data security vulnerabilities that face government agencies and first responders, as well as many global companies” said Daw Tsai Sc.D., president of DT Research. “Organizations need to combat these vulnerabilities with innovative integrated software-hardware solutions. The new security capabilities in our DT311 Rugged Tablets demonstrate our commitment to continually raise the bar to protect our customers from security vulnerabilities.”

Enhancements to the DT311 Rugged Tablets deliver unique integrated hardware-software security encryption and secure camera control in a highly durable, mobile tablet design. Additional upgrades to the DT311 Rugged Tablet line includes a 6th generation Skylake CPU for high performance, increased screen brightness to 800 NITS for superior viewing in sunlight, and a fanless design for increased durability.

Removable Encrypted Data – The DT311 will include an encrypted SD Card Slot that leverages software encryption from Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and TPM 2.0 to secure data. Users can remove sensitive data in an encrypted format to avoid theft and loss of data if the tablet is misplaced or stolen. The DT311 takes full advantage of advanced Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS security including Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features that only allow the tablet to run trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support. The DT311 includes Lock Down features to protect against malicious users, which also provide a custom designed user experience and increase system reliability.

Secure Camera – The DT311 will include a mechanical privacy shutter on the rear camera with software privacy control for both rear and front cameras. Users or the organization’s IT department can shut the camera off in sensitive areas to ensure privacy and security. Organizations that want additional camera security can opt for a privacy shutter that requires opening with a screw, which provides an additional level of security.

The DT311 Rugged Tablet also combines the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software security with other existing proprietary hardware security to support advanced data security with media sanitization that meets both NSA and USA-AF/Navy/Army standards:  5220.22-M, USA-AF AFSSI 5020, USA Navy NAVSO P-5239-26, NSA Manual 130-2, USA-Army 380-19, NISPOMSUP Chap 8, Sect. 8-501 and NSA Manual 9-12 Standards.

DT311 hardware security options also include instant blackout, as well as automatic Bluetooth, RFID and WiFi disable functions that can be pre-configured to turn off all radio capabilities under certain conditions.

Unlike fragile consumer-grade tablets, the DT311 Rugged Tablet is fully ruggedized and IP65 Rated to meet high durability and security standards including MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F.


Enhancements to the DT311 line of tablets will be available in March 2017 from DT Research authorized resellers and partners. For more information, go to http://www.dtresearch.com/Industry/products/Rugged-Tablet.html.

About DT Research

DT Research™ is an early Mobile Tablet pioneer and leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing systems for vertical markets. The company delivers the world’s most comprehensive line of Rugged and Industrial-grade Tablets, Mobile POS Tablets, Digital Signage Systems and Medical Computing Solutions. DT Research products are uniquely designed with customizable built-in options assembled in California, providing customers with rapid time-to-market solutions. The DT Research family of products is based on embedded computing platforms that power secure, reliable and cost-effective computing. DT Research systems offer computing mobility within industrial and harsh environments through durable solutions with wireless connectivity, high-quality touch displays, and Windows® operating systems. More than 200 organizations across the globe rely on DT Research solutions in industries such as government, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, military, retail and warehousing. DT Research is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices in China and Taiwan.  For more information, visit www.dtresearch.com or follow @dtresearch, #MobileTablets and #RuggedTablets.

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DT Research Announces C1D2 Certification for the 301 Rugged Tablet

BLOG 6 8-Reasons-Rugged-Tablets-Are-the-Most-Secure-Option-for-Mobile-UseOur rugged tablets are built to strict  standards, passing and surpassing military grade requirements and expectations. Our DT301 Rugged Tablet is now approved for C1D2 certification, which means a whole new range of uses under exacting conditions is now possible.

C1D2 certification stringently tests devices for intrinsic safety, ensuring devices under normal or abnormal circumstances are deemed safe to operate in areas where gases, vapors and other hazardous liquids may exist. Expected utilizers of the DT301 Rugged Tablet under this new certification include:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Utility gas plants
  • Power generation
  • Chemical manufacturing

With C1D2 classification, tablets can be safely operated in areas where potential hazards may exist. This means under a worst-case scenario, a malfunctioning tablet will not ignite the substance around it, causing an explosion or other catastrophe.

Gasses and vapors are broken into four groups under this classification including:

  • Acetylene
  • Hydrogen, gases or vapors of equivalent hazard
  • Ethyl-ether vapors, ethylene or cyclo-propane
  • Gasoline, hexane, naptha, benzene, butane, propane, alcohol

Integrating a rugged tablet into manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other environments streamlines workflow; increases productivity and efficiency; reduces human error, excess paperwork, and redundancy; provides instant, secure data transfer; enables real time communication; and improves processes like inventorying and time stamping.

The DT301 rugged tablet is an ideal tool for use by floor and plant managers; in warehouses and storage facilities; on loading docks or at ports;  around large machinery; in hazardous locations; on the road, or in the office, and more.

This tablet is equipped with rubber bumpers on each corner for better handling and protection, capacitive touch LED backlit screen, 4 GB of ram, an Intel processor, a built in microphone and speaker and multiple customizable hardware and software options, making it a device which can be tailored for the user, scaled to the size of the operation, and adapted to future requirements with a long operating life.

New Year’s Resolution: Go Rugged in 2017

New-Years-Resolution-Go-Rugged-in-2017 (2)If there is just one thing you can do in 2017 to improve your business, going rugged is it. Tablets provide unique benefits that can tangibly affect productivity and bottom lines across a myriad of industries. Rugged tablets enhance those effects, providing a durable, long lasting solution to the ever-present need for connectivity.

Business Owners

Need to stay on top of a million things at once? Your rugged tablet goes with you from your office to your car to your home, allowing you to work remotely from almost any location and stay fully connected while still having the comfort and function of a desktop computer or laptop.

IT Directors

Working in IT means you need the latest technology at your fingertips. Recommending rugged tablets be deployed for all company personnel creates a cohesive, connected team and boosts productivity, streamlining everyone’s workday.

Warehouse Managers

From the manufacturing floor to the loading dock and everywhere in between, tablets help keep inventory straight and ensure every movement is accurately tracked. Rugged tablets can withstand a drop or two as well, making them last longer than consumer grade tech.

Field Workers

Logistics and traveling sales personnel can also enjoy the advantages of rugged tablets when on the go. Stay connected in real time with HQ even with last minute changes or stops, or navigate unexpected issues wherever they occur.

Government / Military

When security and speed are needed, rugged tablets combine the hardware and software required to get the job done. Military grade specs can be readily met, and government standard safeguards implemented on each device with card access for levels of internal security.

Public Sector

Local government services, emergency personnel, utility workers, and more can take advantage of the high-quality options available on rugged tablets. These include but aren’t limited to GPS, cameras, 3D mapping, and more.

Health Care

A busy ER staff or a paramedic unit can utilize rugged tablets on the go to get instant information crucial to a patient’s health and track consults, lab work, prescriptions, and more on the go – with a tablet on-duty, nothing gets missed.

Investing in rugged tablets makes sense from both a financial and a practical standpoint – almost any vertical you are in can be enhanced with the use of the latest technology in a durable package. Rugged tablets could make 2017 more productive and efficient than ever.

Rugged and Reliable – Four Reasons Tablet Size Tech is Taking Over

Rugged-and-Reliable---Four-Reasons-Tablet-Size-Tech-is-Taking-Over (2)

The tablet revolution is here – with the advent of more durable, more powerful tablet computers, many are making the switch to using tablets as their daily go-to – with more capability than a smartphone but less bulk than a laptop, they are the perfect fit for those who want functionality in a portable package.


The ability to grab and go with a powerful computer in hand is appealing across a wide range of industries and tasks, providing managers and workers alike with the ability to be free from a fixed location while still able to utilize all the information they need. Tablets can be mounted in vehicles, set up at workstations, and carried by hand from place to place or passed off to another as needed.


Staying on top of data in real time and being able to instantly share, send, and receive information means that decisions can be made with the most recent data available. Secure networks add to this layer of convenience, taking the guesswork and the worry out of being in the loop. Data options or Wi-Fi can be used depending on the needs and security requirements of each connected device.

Hardware Features

Military rugged tablets can be touch screen or keyboard managed, with a dozen other options available to turn each device into a functioning camera, card reader, barcode scanner, GPS, and more. The ability to install modules to create multi use devices is part of what makes tablets so efficient. Instead of carrying around 4-5 devices for different purposes, the rugged tablet fulfills all needs in one portable option.

Software Abilities

Software and operating systems can be customized to include the most important features depending on the end user. Retailers will appreciate the ability to store massive inventory and employ easy to use payment options. Government workers can appreciate software that helps scale and screen 2D and 3D plans and track between blueprints and data collected on the ground.

Why Ruggedized?

Every benefit of portable devices is enhanced when durability and protection is added to the equation. Rugged tablets can keep performing long after commercial tablets must be replaced due to damage. Ruggedization can even meet exacting military standards, making rugged military tablets an attractive option for in-the-field use.

While smartphones are here to stay, laptops provide a comfortable, familiar option for many, and desktop PCs are ideal for stationary users, the tablet is the leading edge of technology when it comes to portable devices with extra power and functionality.

Commercial Mobile Tech Jumps to Military Deployment with Rugged Tablets

Commercial-Mobile-Tech-Jumps-to-Military-Deployment-with-Rugged-Tablets (2)Commercial-grade level tech has proved to be a boon across a wide range of civilian industries. Commercialization provides low-cost production of mobile devices, and has made mobile technology more affordable than ever. However most commercially produced mobile devices cannot withstand the physical demands of military deployment.

To meet this need, a new breed of tablet has emerged; it combines the best features of commercial-grade tablets with a new form of ruggedization that meets exacting military standards.

Ruggedization was the natural next step in developing tablets for military use. With increased processing power comes the need for increased durability, and when a device is bound to see action under challenging conditions, design changes must be made to ensure that it stands up to the test.

To be considered ‘rugged’ for military use, a device must meet several specifications including the MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards. This ensures that each device can withstand moisture, sand or dust, shock, vibration, electronic interference, and more. Tablets can be designated for field or office use, but the ability to travel between environments is key for devices intended for military deployment.

A rugged tablet offers more functionality than a smartphone, but is still small enough that it can be carried in one hand. Tablets can be passed from one person to another, mounted in a variety of vehicles and tight spaces, and relocated from the office to the field and back again.

Many missions depend on real-time communication. Orders and data from headquarters needs to be sent quickly, so teams in the field can take action as soon as they receive direction. With the same instant communication capability, reports from the ground teams can be sent back, analyzed, and used to drive and form decisions back at HQ.

Having a variety of device configurations to choose from provides each unit with the specialized software and hardware solutions they need for successful mission completion. Some military rugged tablets can be equipped with features such as GIS modules and cameras, while others may require a smart card, barcode, or RFID reader. Each configuration can be specifically customized for the user’s unique requirements.

The revolution started by commercialized mobile technology continues with the development of specialized devices that are more appropriate for military deployment. Utilizing these forms of mobile technology paves the way for better outcomes on and off the field.