Six Things to Look for in a Military Grade Rugged Tablet

six-things-to-look-for-in-a-military-grade-rugged-tabletThe military is best known for utilizing high-grade, cutting edge technology in their work. Recently, many branches and bases have begun to integrate rugged tablets into their forces, making it easier than ever to communicate and connect with each other.

Lightweight but durable

In any intense, high action environment, technology has to be built to last, no matter what the conditions. These rugged tablets can withstand drops, spills, humidity, dust, and even rain. Soldiers are strong, and their technology has to keep up with them in their daily activities. When you buy a rugged military-grade tablet, you’re buying it for the durability and reliability of the design.

Strong secure motherboards without moving parts

Aside from the fragile screen, the fault in many electronics is that the interior workings are not secure enough to withstand shock. Things come loose, and you end up with interior problems such as loose motherboards, split wires, and even broken parts. Rugged tablets are made to withstand multiple drops, and the sturdy security of the inside makes them more reliable.

Sealed ports, fanless design

Overheating is a problem of its own, but when you combine a fan cooling system and an outdoor environment, you can end up with clogged filters and dirty insides. These rugged tablets come equipped with sealed ports and interior cooling systems, getting rid of the fans entirely.

Tough glass or alternate

Glass is always the first to go in smartphones, tablets, and fragile laptops. Dropping these devices can result in glaring cracks in the screen, or sharp jutting edges in the glass. With thick, sturdy glass, you can avoid the danger of broken screens from dropped tablets.

Touchscreen technology

Losing pens and styluses is always an issue with things like tablets. With touchscreen technology, you can avoid that problem entirely. All rugged  tablets are built with LED backlit touchscreens, combining the durability of hands-on design with the intelligence  of  phones and computers.

With a rugged, military-grade tablet, you can rely on your soldiers and their technology to get the job done. They can bring their orders and their information with them anywhere, and always have a way to reach out. Communication and efficiency has never been easier to accomplish than now.

Why Enterprise Mobile Workers Turn to Rugged Tablets

why-enterprise-mobile-workers-turn-to-rugged-tablets-1In the enterprise mobile vector, there are many opportunities to save time, reduce hassle, and find more efficient ways to conduct business. Technology revolutionized the way many modern companies conduct their daily routine, saving time, effort, and money. But even with all the advantages, many field workers still have not adopted the automated route, finding the tech clumsy and inconvenient.

Now, there’s another option. Rugged tablets offer a range of features which can benefit any company. Here are just a few benefits a rugged tablet can offer your business.

  • Advanced IT. With rugged tablets entering the workforce, it has become increasingly easier for tech specialists to integrate with the systems. Since these tablets run on a familiar, universal program, locating problems and solving them has been easier.
  • CRM Systems. These tablets come with a full barcode and RFID scanning systems built into the device, reducing the number of tools your employees need to have on a day-to-day basis.
  • Mobile Desktop Functionality. With many of the tablets running a full Windows OS, it is easy to navigate and easier to work within a professional setting.
  • Input and port options. With a variety of options, you can switch back and forth between situations without the hassle of switching devices. No matter where you are, your rugged tablet can follow you.
  • Built in Data Capture. Complete orders quickly and efficiently, and make processing faster and easier on your employees and your customers. Data capture has never been faster, and there has never been more potential in a mobile device.
  • Data Security. Keep private matters secure. Within your company, it is important to find a foothold and keep it. Share important information safely with other parts of your team, and boost productivity among you and your employees.
  • Unified Telecommunications. Communicate with different teams, departments, and individuals on a seamless network, and make sure everyone finds the information they need. Keep a close contact with everyone, and avoid errors and miscommunications by staying in reach.

When you bring rugged tablets into your company, you are introducing a more efficient way of organizing projects, communicating, and achieving goals. Boost productivity, profits, and even morale by giving your team the tools they need to succeed with ease. The rugged tablet is durable enough for field work, fast enough for real time updates, and versatile enough for almost type of business.


What Rugged Tablets Mean to Field Service Management

what-rugged-tablets-mean-to-field-service-management-2Over the past decade, technology has become an integral part of the way we work, function, and enjoy ourselves. By replacing paperwork with online spreadsheets and encyclopedias with online search functions, we have revolutionized how we spend our time. This can allow for ease of access and increased productivity.

If you are interested in incorporating mobile computers into your workforce’s daily routine, here are some features you might benefit from when you use a rugged tablet.

  • More durable than the off-the-shelf/consumer grade tablets. When you buy a consumer grade tablet, you are buying it for the extra entertainment features, not the durability. Buying a rugged tablet can reduce costs and give your employees something they can securely use.
  • Access to configuration information and service history. Improved data collection and access can help technicians learn how to improve first-time fix rates by up to 23%, and boost your company to new levels of productivity.
  • Easy-to-use forms, automated data entry, and barcode scanners. To work with technology, you need to have up-to-date and accessible technology. These features reduce mistakes and human errors, easy enough for any new employee to learn how to use.
  • Improved service response time and SLA compliance. By automating your service systems, you can expect a steep increase in your employee’s response times and an improvement in SLA compliance, boosting productivity in all areas.
  • Better inventory management. Know where things are, and exactly how many of them are there. Keep inventory easily, and save time and effort by keeping all of the information in one place.
  • Service calls are completed more quickly. When shortened service calls are the norm, you are not only improving customer satisfaction, but making it easier for your employees to stay on-task and focused.
  • Faster payments with instant invoices. No more wasting time during billing cycles, and no more hassle with credit card collection. Get money and records settled quickly, so everyone can move on more efficiently.

Field management can include a wide, varied web of people, all connected by one company. Many departments can work in harmony with proper planning and communication, and rugged tablets can help the entire workforce achieve that. Give employees the tools they need to work better, and give the entire company the chance to achieve greater success.

Order Automation Made Easy with Rugged Tablets


Connecting and communicating with employees and customers is the base point of conducting successful business. Companies everywhere are always looking for more efficient ways to reach out to their consumer-base, and with rugged tablets, the future of communication is here. Here are a few things a tablet can offer to you and your customers.

Restaurant ordering

There are many uses for rugged tablets in a restaurant setting, and all of them can boost sales, productivity, and morale among both customers and employees alike. Along with table-side kiosks and uploaded menus, rugged tablets can serve as auto-checkout systems, and digital helpers for your kitchen and wait staff.

Lightweight, durable, low power consumption

These tablets are made for real-life use. Designed to withstand drops, changes in temperature, humidity, and even high stress conditions, they are built to last and be reliable. Whether you’re putting them at tables or keeping them backstage, they are a long-term investment that will serve you for a long time to come.


Along with credit card readers, USB ports, and Wi-Fi, these tablets feature a variety of applications and tools to boost your company’s productivity and profits. From thermal printers support to Bluetooth capabilities, the potential can be unlimited.

Affordable hardware and software

Since these tablets run on a full Windows OS system, they are compatible with nearly any system. Customers and employees, no matter their background, are likely to be familiar. This also makes it easier for your technicians to find, identify, and solve any problems, and it avoids the trouble of re-learning an entire mobile operating system.

Additional perks

There is no reason to stop at the basics. All rugged tablets have a variety of built-in options and a suite of accessories for charging and mounting, you can discover the streamlined processes when you start integrating them into the workplace. Additional features include fan-less cooling technology, no moving parts, and spill-proof touchscreen features. Tablets with high-efficiency power saving options are available as well.

With these features, you can kick-start your business or push it to the next level. Success is a finger-tap away, and when you work with rugged tablets, you can rest assured you are utilizing the technology of today and tomorrow.

How Medical Cart Computers are Being used by Doctors and Patients

how-medical-cart-computers-are-being-used-by-doctors-and-patients-2As Workstations On Wheels (WOWs) and Computers On Wheels (COWs) entered the medical industry, patients quickly became used to seeing the digital revolution begin to make inroads at their point of care. Medical Cart Computers (MCCs) are now replacing these early forms of digitization, bringing new features to patient / doctor interactions. How do medical computers help improve health care on both sides of the screen?

Building Patient Trust

For patients who wonder how their doctor will remember all the information shared during the appointment accurately enough to enter in their file later, medical cart computers allow peace of mind as entries can be made, checked, and corrected if needed on the spot. This builds trust between the patient and their doctor via the system.

Real Time Data Capture

In addition to the ability to input information in real time, additional data can be shared and transmitted via the use of smart card readers and RFID readers, which can be used to scan in additional information at the appropriate level of security. HIPAA isn’t compromised, and EMRs (electronic medical records) are fully integrated.

Ease of Data Sharing

Data comparisons can be easily and quickly made when patients past records and records from multiple doctors, specialists, and facilities can be reviewed from one single location. The medical PC allows everyone involved in a patient’s care to be completely looped in and cognizant of any recent changes in health status, symptoms, and more.


A medical cart computer can be assigned to a bed, or assigned to a patient. If need be one unit can follow an emerging case from arrival at the ER through triage, the OR, and into recovery without a break, while hot swappable batteries guarantee uninterrupted access to all information at the patient’s side.

EHR Accuracy

Electronic health records can be reviewed, double checked for errors, updated, and transmitted seamlessly with the help of medical PCs. Having all the information available about a patient who is unconscious, disoriented, or unresponsive can make the difference between the right care and the wrong diagnosis.


Patients can view images and information, and interact via signature or verification with the system under supervision of a doctor, and be allowed access to top layers of data to help them better know how to follow through with their care.

Medical cart computers are helping doctors excel at treatment, providing more immediate and accurate care based on the data provided by patient side PCs. MCCs are the future of interactive health care!